As one of the most reputable AMCs in the country, we work with only the best and most qualified appraisers to ensure our product is USPAP compliant and UCDP ready. We verify that our appraisers are truly geographically competent, and we pay our appraisers every two weeks on a cost-plus basis to give them the fees they deserve.

Our quality control department reviews our appraisers’ work for errors and notes any USPAP inconsistencies for them to address prior to submitting a report. Additionally, we prescreen revision and reconsideration requests to use our appraisers’ time more efficiently.

At Janus, we uphold competence and excellent customer service, so we promote relationships with our appraisers. In turn, we take care of them in regard to requirements and complaints, unlike the industry custom, which allows us to have the most qualified appraisers on our team.

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